Sextoy Fetish – It Hums It Rattles And Whirs.

When dealing with sextoys becomes a fetish, then good night. A sextoy fetish makes you terribly lonely, you don’t need sex partners anymore, you have dildos, flashlights and vibrators for your ass. Why should you keep sex contacts when you still have batteries in the house? Lots of plastic, latex, little moors, remote controlled via Bluetooth. Putting the willy in a perfect cunt, made of silicone, that’s the true feeling. A thick black rubber dildo ensures that the pussy is stretched and does every woman very good now and then. But when it becomes a sextoy fetish, then you have to pull the handbrake and put it to a stop. If you give up sextoys, the addiction will take a toll on your mind. Sweats, you will be nervous, irritable and impatient, these are the downsides of withdrawal. But it must be done, get help if you need it. You really need to get away from the sextoy fetish.

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Leave the dildos, vibrators, rubber pussies and whatever other sextoys you us aside for a while, and do it with real people again. We’ll get you sex partners that will make you forget your sextoy fetish quickly. We could also get you sex contacts with whom you can live out your sextoy fetish. But we don’t do that because we are very mean. Together it is already horny. When she presses his tender hard-on into a thermos filled with mead and he pushes a vibrator between her labia, which also stimulates her clit. Nevertheless, we advise against such encounters. Although it would be quite possible, here in the circus of perversions, you could set up such sex dates in no time. It wouldn’t drive the sextoy fetish out of you, it would probably even make it worse, possibly much worse than it already is.

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Of course, you don’t want to go to rehab, you’re not addicted, you just like to use sextoys to have fun and you could orgasm anytime without sextoys. That’s exactly what a junkie would say, how many times we’ve heard it, we don’t remember. Now it’s time to fuck again instead of jerking off. Onanism and masturbation is something for children and you are no longer a child, you are an adult and can always make a fuck date. But what do you do, you play with adult toys and get lonely. Don’t worry, you will get better. The circus of perversions will make you whole again, we’ll fix it all.

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