Snot Fetish – Snot From The Sinuses

You know those women who tickle their noses with cotton swabs to sneeze? You have a snot fetish, you’re not so different. Do you want us to set you up with women like that? You like to watch snot shoot out of women’s noses, you’re a guy with a snot fetish. The slimy, green nasal mucus, thick boogers, and viscous snot from the sinuses, you’d tear your leg off if a woman lets you swallow it. The snot fetish is disgusting and sweet as fuck. A tough green booger under her plastic fingernail. You’d beg for her to stick her finger in your mouth. You’re a booger eater, a snot slurper, you’re one who gets horny from nasal mucus, you have a deep-seated snot fetish. You fucking piece of shit, we bet nosebleeds makes you horny too. What kind of freak are you? Should we get you women with a cold?

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How about a woman with hay fever, then you only have to whip her with flowers at the date and already the mucus drips out of her nose. You can suck on it, then the thick, yellow mucus comes out, the one with the pieces in it that you like to chew on. Do you like sick nasal mucus, the kind that only hangs in your sinuses when you have a cold? We get you sick women who sneeze directly into your mouth, you just have to swallow and jerk off. Have fun with strange women who cough down your throat what they pulled up for you. Thick, yellow nasal mucus, the very nasty snot, you’ll swallow the yellow snot. Viscous mass, from way down, that really dangerous stuff. You’ll only get that if you set-up your sex dates through us. Do you have a boner now, then you have a snot fetish.

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Imagine you’ve set up a fetish date. She sucks your cock, she pulls it all the way in, she snorts and her snot hangs in strings from her nose. Wouldn’t you want to lick her face? Delicious snot, today not from the cunt, but from the nose, the woman you have picked up via the Internet. Here at the circus of perversions you picked her up, where else. She was already so dirty when flirting via Messenger and on the fetish date she is really frivolous, it makes her fucking horny to spit in your mouth. So horny disgusting, so disgustingly horny, you will cum while you chew her boogers. At the Circus of Perversions we don’t beat around the bush, we do sex dates and they are always dirty. If eating her snot makes you horny, then she will cater to your snot fetish.

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