Clinicsex Fetish – We Push Ourselves With Horniness The Catheter Purely

Next please… Take a seat on the gyno chair and put your legs on the trays, contrarily we put a catheter in your hole. Do you like putting on black rubber and indulging in the clinicsex fetish? My god, they shove tubes in your body that don’t belong in there and you think it’s horny? A thick rubber tube in your urethra, it is pushed in dry, that hurts terribly. The enema is more cool, even if it is incredibly much and your belly is already swollen. You breathe through the urine inhaler. All you smell is rancid piss, which makes you horny in the head. The catheter is stuck in your bladder, the other end is pushed through your nose into your stomach, but this circuit is now closed. Everyone around you is wearing similarly latex, this also fires up your clinicsex fetish, you are really horny.

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They take your breath away, they stick needles into your genitals, they say that it has to be, you have to believe them. In the clinic of perversions they will turn you inside out. Heavy machines work your prostate, it hurts to have an orgasm with a tube in your urethra. Everything feels so sore, they run saline into your nipples, it’s supposed to help the healing, but they just get excited on the fact that your nipples look so grotesque. The colonic irrigation is coming up, just let it happen. As if you could resist them rinsing you out and scrubbing you with a bottle brush. Look at all the filth coming out of your bowels. But tell me, aren’t you ashamed? All that muck, they should pump it into your gas mask. They examine you scrupulously. But a clinicsex fetish appointment is no child’s play, it gets serious.

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The worst thing is, the insurance doesn’t pay anything, that’s a punch in the gut, huh? Private clinicsex in a sterile environment. You’ll have multiple, extra thick bladder catheters inserted. At least one feeding tube shoved down your gullet, and you’ll be given an enema with a drug that causes severe diarrhea. They instill in you emetics that have long been banned in your country, they only mean well by you. Also you were basically never allowed to live out your clinicsex fetish. May we get you an appointment in the clinic? Here, in the circus of perversions we’re done just talking about it. We do not do things by halves, we are not used to that. You can have pseudo fetish dates somewhere else. Here you play with the freaks and that can always turn out shitty. You will beg them to redeem you, but they won’t do that.

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