Armpit Fetish – Clean Shaven And Also Beautifully Hairy

You know how it is, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, only with the armpit fetish it is different, there are only winners. Every sexpartner should have one or two armpits, it can be assumed. And no matter if hairy, shaved, freshly washed, or sweaty, an armpit is always horny. Hmmm, smells good, tastes good, is horny, makes you horny. There stands the cock, there is the pussy wet, let’s make dates and lick each other’s armpits. Hair between the teeth, no problem, you accept that and maybe you’re even into it, if the armpit is unshaved. Wet armpits, the sweat runs down, it smells severe, it tastes salty and also bitter at the same time, you press your snout in, like a maniac. The fetish of perversions, how could it be otherwise, gets you sex partners with armpit fetish. The arms up, now it’s heavily sniffing and licking time.

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Nothing, but really nothing on this planet is as smooth and delicious as a freshly shaved armpit. Slightly damp armpits, how fine they smell, you just have to lick over it and taste the fine beads of sweat. First left, then right, then left again, take all the time in the world, if you can already lick armpits. With us you get what you need, we give you what you want. Sex partners who fit you like a glove. They come from sports and you are not there to sniff their armpits and tell them how good they smell there. Maschalagnie, that’s the scientific name of armpit fetish, you call it armpit licking, or foreplay. Here you get the support you need for a consequently horny fetish date where you can live out your armpit fetish. It’s a mess, but a horny mess.

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A circus smells like horse manure and also cat shit. We smell of horniness, of pussies, of dicks and of cheap perfume, like in a brothel. We are a totally fucked up dating machine, we are not fancy, we do our thing, like a rumbling machine. In the circus of perversions, you finally find the kind of sex partner you’re fucking entitled to. Nasty characters, freaks, and sex offenders. Horny sluts, small nasty sluts and nymphomaniacs. With us it’s easy to find sex partners of the same kind, that’s no different with the armpit fetish. You smell each other and you find each other, you are attracted to each other, it’s just like that.

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