Money Mistress Fetish – Dominant Women Make You Poor

The good news first, with us the money-mistresses are greedy, nasty and mean. You have a money mistress fetish? In the circus of perversions you will get your money’s worth, we will get you a Mistress that will ruin you financially. Every fetish is catered for, including the money mistress fetish, we have the women you are looking for, they are only interested in your best, they want all your money. You will go shopping with them, you will buy them shoes, buy them handbags, you will give them what they want. Front and back you will shove the money in them and they will spend your money with full hands. The uninhibited sluts take you out, that makes you horny, so everyone has something from this strange relationship. Only the memory will remain. If you spent it all, then the money mistress is gone, she just drops you.

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The money mistress fetish, a fetish that only wealthy men can afford. The greedy women, they have so much to give to you. Scornful looks are part of it. Even that you are verbally mocked by them, is part of the game, even the secret handles in your wallet are customary and should be acknowledged by you with magnificent erections. The more wealth, the more attractive you are. Do you know such women, then you soon have nothing more and then you are also nothing more.Unfortunately, the ladies are then even faster gone than they came. If you have a money mistress fetish, then it will make you horny to push your coal into her throat. Your hard earned money will be spent recklessly by her until you have nothing left. For this you get from her deepest contempt and ugly mockery, caustic scorn and also nasty insults.

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Note after note goes into her panties until your account is empty, the house sold and the car pawned. She literally eats you up, you may kiss her feet, but only if you were generous. The Mistress insists on expensive gifts and that day after day. You have to thank your wealth for the fact that she puts up with you at all. As soon as you are a poor as a church mouse, she will distance herself from you and deny ever having known you. In the Circus of Perversions, the worst fetish dating site of all, you will find extremely merciless money mistresses. They are the worst parasites of all, they are the perfect playmates for you. With such women you want to live out your money mistress fetish. Because it is the most fun with such sluts. Your receptors are addicted to them, you need such women.

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