Asshole Fetish – The Anus As The Ultimate Pleasure Object

The butthole, a wonderful thing, no wonder so many people have an asshole fetish. The anus, this horny opening, how versatile it is. Nice to look at when at rest, a rosy body opening, completely closed, the skin wrinkled and contracted, it’s a pretty rosette. Since you have an asshole fetish you will know that the anus can also show itself differently. The soft flesh that closes the intestine is extremely versatile. If you play with the poop hole, stick your finger in and irritate it, the sphincter swells, turns blue and becomes quite hard. The anus becomes a solid ring, bulging and bulging towards you, shiny wet and glowing pink to dark red on the inside. There is no greater punishment than not being allowed to lick it, you just have to lick the asshole, it looks so delicious.

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Once again the finger pure, so that the ass juices also flow, there is nothing like the delicious slime from the ass. When everything is nicely slimed, then you may kiss the butt hole. Very gently and carefully, the first contact may be quiet tender. Then you let your tongue circle, you start on the outside, where the skin is still light. The circles become tighter and tighter, the skin becomes darker, it tastes bitter, it tastes like sweat and excrement. You breathe heavily, you drip from your sex, your tongue has reached the sphincter. So delicate, it tastes nutty, you smell the horniness very intense. Then you put your lips, enclose with it the swollen anus and you put your tongue in the hot hole and hear your sex partner moan. A tongue fuck in the asshole, it’s horny for both sides, even you go crazy in the head.

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Damn this is horny, damn you, you have an asshole fetish, you are horny for assholes. You can lick an anus for hours, you get off on doing it, no one does it better than you. When you are through with the ass licking, then the horny asshole is clean, then it is fucked. First you put only the glans in, only a piece, so that the rosette widens. And then with a strong push, you ram your whole cock inside, up to the balls, until it goes no further. Stay like this, enjoy it, let your sex partner enjoy it. At the latest now it should be clear to everyone in the room that you have an asshole fetish, you fuck the asshole and you fuck it long and good and hard. In and out and in again, very deep.

Total insane fetish dating.


You scream, you roar and you howl together. One of you has made under himself, it was hours of ecstasy and you are not yet at the end. The circus of perversions gets you sex partners who can stand something, with them you can celebrate asshole fetish orgies. Stable sex partners are important when you have an asshole fetish, you certainly see it that way. It’s anything but normal routine, you want to eat an asshole. You want to use it, soil it, you want to go down on an anus and if it gets broken, you don’t care. Are you a sex offender who specializes in the anus, you play along in the upper class of perverts? You have poop stuck to your dick, it doesn’t bother you, a quick cunt hole fucking and it’s gone. Fuck the asshole for another hour, then it hangs out.


You have to hang in, a prolapse does not come by itself. For this you have to torture the anus until it is no longer possible. The sphincter must surrender, then it gets horny, then the asshole hangs out wide and you can suck on the hemorrhoids. It must smell, it must be real, then it is right for you. After all, you don’t just find assholes horny, you have an adult asshole fetish, you are a rose king. The rear sight is a place where you know the ropes, there you suck and lick like a world champion. Also the prolapse is certainly appreciated by you, a horny red baboon ass. First lick the prolapse, then fuck the prolapse, then try to put your fist in. A fist fuck in the asshole, you will make everyone happy.

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Are you looking forward to meet people who will pull your ass cheeks apart and kiss your dirty anus. Dirty sex on the first date. You meet to lick your asses and if you wish, the anus will be unwashed. Do not dream about it, making it makes happy. Asshole fetish porn watching? Why watch other people do it when you can do it yourself. When will you let yourself finger the horny asshole again? Do you want to wait for a coinsidence or kick your fate in the ass and stay the course with fetish dating? Get sex partners with whom you can do it because they have an asshole fetish too. They are just as keen on your asshole as you are on their assholes. Meet strangers and stick your tongue in where the poop comes out. An exciting fetish, an extreme fetish, a horny fetish.

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You fart in the faces, as if you were friends for ages and then you lick the brown, which came out with the fart. It does not matter, the horniness rules, the mind has nothing more to report. This is how sex friendships that last a long time are formed. When two people with asshole fetish meet, then everything is possible, really everything. There are many fetishes, but hardly any fetish is as intimate and as dirty as the asshole fetish. After all, you lick the exit from your bowels and if you really have an asshole fetish, then you run the risk of getting seriously ill.