Roleplay Fetish – Because Even The Impossible Becomes Possible.

What an interesting fetish, the role play fetish. You set up a fetish date, you meet and slip into other roles while fucking, you don’t know each other anyway, that’s fine. The classic is probably the plumber and the housewife, who is stuck with the toe in the drain of the bathtub, or with the head in the laundry dryer. There the plumber has to see how he can skillfully use his “tool” to free the lady. Age play also counts as a roleplay fetish and is very popular among the followers of imaginative eroticism. Be who you want, be as old as you want, slip into a role and fill it. The piano teacher and the student who has to pamper her feet. The store detective who lets the thief go when she gets fucked. The woman who does it with the pizza delivery man.


A person with a roleplay fetish, is rarely himself. Too great is the fun of escaping into other characters, too great is the pleasure of being someone else. You know you can trust us, we smell every fetish and the smell of roleplay fetish ist constantly in our nose, it is ubiquitous, many have this fetish. It only becomes a fetish when it no longer works without, is that the case with you? Do you have the pathological desire to be someone or something else during sex? Do you like to be the priest who takes the confession and punishes the sinner immediately? Or would you prefer to be the bishop who gets off on the priest? In the role-playing game Fetish you can be whoever you want to be. A horse, a tree, a ringmaster, only your imagination limits you. Don’t be shy and live out your fantasies.

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When two people with role play fetishes collide, it can get very bizarre, because then really anything is possible. One, a one-legged pirate with a ponytail and bald head, the other a green-skinned truffle pig who just blew his bar exam and needs a consolation fuck. If you’re up for it, go on fetish dates. Look for sex partners in the circus of perversions, here you will finally find sex contacts that fit you and correspond to your sexual inclinations, they have the same erotic preferences as you. Shoo, shoo, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start, the sooner you get a the fetish date and you know it yourself, you need a fetisch date very urgently.

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