Chemsex Fetish – We Fuck When We Are Really Stoned

Looking for strangers on the Internet, flirting briefly but fiercely, meeting promptly, taking hard drugs together and fucking in a drug frenzy. You have a chemsex fetish, we have sex partners for you. Sex on drugs, on speed, MDMA and LSD. Rub cocaine on your private parts, smoke heroin and fuck really horny. Another blue pill for him and two blue pills for her, plus lots of alcohol and stimulants. Nice to sniff the poppers bottle, which loosens the anus, then the anal sex is also fun for her. Indulge in the chemsex fetish together, consume plenty of drugs and fuck until you fall into delirium. Pipe in Chrystal meth and smoke crack, so that the sex becomes even more horny. If it only works for you with drugs, then you have a chemsex fetish. In the breaks you have resinous cannabis from the water bong and then you go on with the really hard drugs.

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Crank, speed, or amphetamine, everything kicks in during sex. Chewing some mushrooms, smoking pot and shoving tampons soaked in vodka into your asshole. What makes high is pumped into the body, it is smoked and pulled into the nose. We will get you sex partners who will introduce you to the chemsex fetish, they will show you how to consume and fuck until ecstasy sets in. Ecstasy, hallucinogens and also opiates, play a role in the chemsex fetish. Fuck nicely on drugs until the mind stops and only the horniness exists. Chew an ergot so that the fantasies develop and everything becomes beautifully bizarre. Taking drugs during intercourse enhances the act. A little GHB increases the feeling of pleasure when mixed with other drugs. Ketamine should not be missing either if you want the drug cocktail to be perfect. Mephedrone and a candyflip with methadone, there the pussy pulsates, there the cock writhes.

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Smoke a Tina while fucking, pop a chubby, consume 2 cb. Love Drug number one is still MDMA, that must not be missing at all during chemsex and a careful use of KO drops can not hurt either. Just don’t skimp on the good drugs if you have a chemsex fetish. Horny sex under drugs, the circus of perversions gets you junkies that you can fuck under drugs. Just don’t puke in bed, if you can’t take it or you get dizzy and nauseous from drugs, then the chemsex shit might not be for you. But if you can take it, then go for it and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from using drugs during sex. We’ll get you the sex partners, you’ll have to get the drugs somewhere else. A rectal consumption of PEP should give you the kick you’re looking for in chemsex.

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