Gas Mask Fetish – Lovely Fuck At Night ABC Alarm

You stick the hose of your gas mask in your own ass and work your sex organ with the wooden spoon, while you get horny and hornier, because horny smells flow out of your asshole. You can’t escape it, the gas mask fetish belongs to you like the pimple on your ass. How often do you push the pill man into the breathing tube, or flange the filter at the fuck hole? You often smell yourself, you like to smell yourself, forced inhalation through the gas mask is your thing. But, because there’s always a but, why don’t you let other people fart in your gas mask. The asparagus piss has been fermenting in the urine inhaler for weeks, it is already dark yellow and rancid. The inhaler is connected to your gas mask, whenever you inhale it bubbles in the reactor. Foot odor served through the gas mask, is even more intense than usual. A gas mask fetish is a fetish for experimental freaks.

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Let yourself cough into the gas mask, let it hold your breathing hole shut while you fuck, you won’t get your breath back until after you have an orgasm. Sex with gas mask on your head, it sounds like Darth Vader fucking Darth Vader. An ass cancer in a skin suit wearing a gas mask. That’s how we imagine you. Are we right? One more quick sip of kombucha and then start looking for sex partners for a gas mask fetish date, right? Of course, you are a good person, but that changes when you wear the gas mask. Because then you become a superhero, then you become a gasman, the fucker that women trust. We’ll get you sex partners with gas mask fetish, so that you’re no longer the only one in bed who puffs through the mask during sex. Finally, you get to fuck people who have the same fetish as you.

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Linking gas masks together during sex, the ultimate thrill. You breathe out, your sex partner breathes it in and vice versa. The air is getting thinner and thinner, you’re getting hornier and hornier, you have to hurry up with the orgasm or you’ll run out of oxygen. Do we hear you breathing faster right now, do you like the idea of making a gas mask fetish date, are you hot for it? Then do it now, join the circus of perversions, here you will find others with gas masks fetish, because the sex is still the hottest among like-minded people.

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