Feeding Fetish – Stuffing Cakes Down Your Partner’s Gullet

Circus of Perversions is an extreme fetish dating site, here, of course, your feeding fetish will be served. Here you will find extremely fat women with whom you can make fetish dates. You can fuck them while feeding them, you can put burger after burger into their greedy mouths and fill them up with sugary soft drinks. Watch them get fatter and fatter, you can watch their bellies grow. Gaining pleasure by feeding fat women, what a nasty fetish. Shoving a stranger’s dick in her pussy and pizza down her throat on a fetish date. Fatty meat and sweets, she craves for it, the fat woman is addicted to sugar and fat. Do you want to give her carbohydrates, if need be also anal, do you want to make her fatter and fatter until she is about to burst? Rub yourself against fat women and live out your feeding fetish.

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Smear butter on their fat asses, that shines so nice. A pie, or better two, a mountain of ribs, plus mashed potatoes and bacon instead of the starter soup and then comes the first course. You fill them up, you fatten them up like horny pigs, through you they get something on their ribs. A man like you, a man with feeding fetish, who sees fat women with completely different eyes, for you the mass counts, they can not be fat enough. If the bed collapses under her weight, then you are on a good way, that’s a start, now you can make her really fat and really heavy. Half a ton she should weigh by the end of the year and then you’ll see. You horny feeder, pour the syrup into her mouth, the whole canister, the whole five liters. That makes her full and makes you horny.

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It’s like the Lord gave it. Such beautiful fat women and they are hungry and horny, they want to be fed and fucked while doing it. We get you fat women who are so fat that you will hardly believe it. You can touch them, caress them, fuck them and feed them and of everything vigorously and a lot. They are horny girls, you just have to be careful that they don’t think your dick is a sausage and bite it hard. Now you can make a fetish date with a fat madam and feed her while you fuck her. Downstairs, upstairs, in the back, shove it in her whereever you can, she’ll be grateful. When she no longer fits through the door frame, she’s yours forever, she’s yours. You and the fat woman, the feeder and the fat bitch, united forever. Now you live out your feeding fetish properly.

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