The crazy fetish dating.


Welcome to the circus of perversions, by far the strangest fetish dating site on the whole Internet. Since time immemorial the place to be for all freaks and all perverts, this is where the creatures of the night find their sex partners. If you are not afraid of using the same fetish dating portal as the sex offenders, the evildoers and the freaks, you are welcome to join us. Bruises and scratches are part of the deal when you make a dirty date through us, but those are just the harmless side effects. We didn't run into each other by chance, it means something that you finally found us. Now the real dirty stuff can finally start, for which you need sex partners, because this kink alone is not possible.

Money Mistress Fetish – Dominant Women Make You Poor

Money mistress fetish - Let's have a good time.

The good news first, with us the money-mistresses are greedy, nasty and mean. You have a money mistress fetish? In the circus of perversions you will get your money’s worth, we will get you a Mistress that will ruin you financially. Every fetish is catered for, including the money mistress fetish, we have the women you are looking for, they are only interested in your best, they want all your money. You will go shopping with them, you will buy them shoes, buy them handbags, you will give them what they want. Front and back you will shove the money in them and they will spend your money with full hands. The uninhibited sluts take you out, that makes you horny, so everyone has something from this strange relationship. Only the memory will remain. If you spent it all, then the money mistress is gone, she just drops you.

Piercing Fetish – With The Madame It Jingles In The Panties.

Piercing fetish - Rings in the tits, cunt and cock.

Thick rings in the sex, they are stuck in holes punched in the labia, they are pulled through acorns, stainless steel in the vagina and penis. Rods, tunnels, rings and other intimate jewelry, do you think it’s horny? In other words, it excites you when it jingles in your sex partner’s underpants, like in a watch store. Metal strikes metal, heavy and cold, it pulls down the nipples, it pulls the labia long, it makes the dick longer and longer. Heavy metal wherever you touch, you already have problems to put on the penis ring, because there is so much steel in the plonker. If you have a piercing fetish, you like stainless steel in your private parts. Stigmatophilia is the weakness for piercings, unnatural holes in the body, they are horribly beautiful. It becomes really beautiful with the rings in the body only when chains are pulled through.

Fursuit Fetish – When The Mutt Fucks The Horny Cat

Fursuit fetish - The rabbit fucks the hedgehog.

A woman in a beaver costume and a man in a gorilla costume rub up against each other and think it’s pretty great. It can’t be explained with common sense, to say the least, it’s strange, if not weird. The unicorn does it with the bear, the cat with the dog and the salmon gets fucked by a deer. The neighbors love to gossip, so it’s better to keep it a secret if you have an fursuit fetish. For someone with fursuit fetish, it feels quite normal, but for other people, it can seem very strange. Do you also have a costume in your closet? Are you an elf, a kangaroo, or a booty rat when you dress up to fuck? Meow meow, woof woof, i-aaaaaa. It’s like a zoo here, since the people with the fursuit fetish discovered us for themselves.

Uniform Fetish – Stand At Attention In Front Of The Dignified Leg Dress.

Uniform Fetish - Sex with Uniformed.

Do uniforms excite you, or do people who wear uniforms excite you. Clothes make the man, they say, and there is certainly something to it. We don’t have to explain it to a freak with a uniform fetish, you know exactly what makes you horny about uniforms. Stand still and hands off sex, now it’s getting serious. Tinsel hangs on the epaulettes, but it is only the uniform of a park guard from the twenties. The uniform of a captain makes you horny, but the uniform of a general, if you were allowed to fuck someone who wears such a uniform, you would faint. Historical uniforms with badges of honor, your tooth will drip, you’ll wet your panties. Your blood pressure rises to dangerous heights and your pulse races. Getting excited about a uniform, that’s pretty crazy, but if it’s your thing, then it’s okay. We’re not judging.

Deepthroat Fetish- Swallow The Whole Cock Baby

Deepthroat fetish. Swallow the cock.

In short, for most women, the Deepthroat Fetish is a nightmare, it’s probably more of a man thing. Do you like to push your partners cock all the way in, does the grunting and gagging of your sex partner make you horny? A fuck in the throat, it’s the last thing they want and yet they keep quiet and indulge the fun. The women here are completely different, the sluts from the circus of perversions want to swallow cocks, they love to be fucked by you in the throat. For these sluts there is nothing better than being made to vomit with your thick cock and they find it horny that you don’t pull your cock out when they vomit. Look at their happy eyes, they’re crying with joy, that’s for sure. Deep in the gullet, that’s fine, that’s how you learned, you like it that way.

Food Fetish – Sex With Food Is Satisfying

Food fetish - sex with food.

If you find it sexually arousing and also quite stimulating to shove asparagus spears into your asshole while you cover your private parts with bacon, you could possibly have a food fetish. You may want to have sex with egg salad, but you only get off on egg salad when it has pickles in it. A thick meat sausage in your cunt hole, scratching your clit with the sharp-edged rim of the lid of a tuna can and pushing the leek deep into your intestines. Sex with food is nothing unusual, but it’s also nothing common. Holding your penis in soup, ejaculating into coffee, or fucking a ripe melon, the food fetish is to blame if you have such fantasies. There is no shame in fucking with food, is it? You can feel a little ashamed of being such a disgusting freak who does it with vegetables.

Gas Mask Fetish – Lovely Fuck At Night ABC Alarm

The gas mask fetish, sex under difficult conditions.

You stick the hose of your gas mask in your own ass and work your sex organ with the wooden spoon, while you get horny and hornier, because horny smells flow out of your asshole. You can’t escape it, the gas mask fetish belongs to you like the pimple on your ass. How often do you push the pill man into the breathing tube, or flange the filter at the fuck hole? You often smell yourself, you like to smell yourself, forced inhalation through the gas mask is your thing. But, because there’s always a but, why don’t you let other people fart in your gas mask. The asparagus piss has been fermenting in the urine inhaler for weeks, it is already dark yellow and rancid. The inhaler is connected to your gas mask, whenever you inhale it bubbles in the reactor. Foot odor served through the gas mask, is even more intense than usual. A gas mask fetish is a fetish for experimental freaks.

Socks Fetish – Her Stinky Socks Smell So Deliciously Like Foot

Better a sock fetish than a sock shot.

Wouldn’t you give anything to own a horny stinky sock of a beautiful woman? You have a sock fetish, strong foot smelling socks make you horny. That’s not a big deal, your fetish is not that rare, not only you are turned on by worn stockings. There is hardly a woman who doesn’t smell her socks when taking them off in the evening. Some sniff even a second or a third time, then the hand wents into the panty, thereafter the finger into the pussy and only because the stockings smell so horny. Stinky socks, best worn nice and long, really horny dirty, with holes etc., that would be something for a guy with socks fetish like you, right? You would sniff it, over and over again and your cock would become very stiff and the horniness would rise in you. You would certainly masturbate extremely and come even more violently.

Eyeball Fetish – I Lick Your Eyes Habibi

Eyeball fetish, lick my eyes out.

So delicate, so damn delicate and extremely sensitive, nothing is as fragile as an eyeball. You have to be delicate if you have an eyeball fetish, only those who are highly sensitive are allowed to suck eyeballs. Do eyes turn you on because they are the gateway to the soul, do you find eyeballs sexy because they are so delicate? You have to be very gentle with them, you can only lick them very carefully, in no case you can be rough, otherwise the eyeballs will break. Delicate kisses on the pupil, very considerate and concerned about the eyesight of the sex partner. Gently, tenderly and gently, the eyeball fetish is a tender fetish. Suck the salt of shed tears from the retina, don’t suck too hard or the eye will pop out and that would be kind of weird. A horny fetish around the eye, in the circus of perversions you will find sex partners. Here you will find a lot of potential sex contacts on the topic of eyeball fetish.

Breath Control Fetish – Please Hold Your Breath Now

Breath control fetish, now the air is turned off.

Being strangled whilst being fucked. Being strangled until stars sparkle infront of your eyes and you see the world through a red veil. No kid stuff, real hard choking games that come so close to choking death that it can go wrong. Strangle until they no longer gasp and a little longer, it should finally be an erotic near-death experience. Squeeze, fuck, squeeze further and fuck further, it can be so nice. Firm squeeze, firm fuck, is that what you want? Choke your sex partner, be choked by your sex partner, the breath control fetish has two sides. You can already feel sorry for yourself. They will fuck you and they will choke you until you lose your mind. You can relax from us at goat yoga. On a fetish date a lot of adrenaline is generated and that’s right. Here you live out your breath control fetish with others.