Sweat Fetish – Unwashed Armpits Taste Delicious

Foot sweat, fear sweat, cold sweat, not all sweat is the same and those who have a sweat fetish know this. The watery secretion, the salty pleasure, it comes from the glands under the skin. The delicious glandular secretion has done it to you, right? Fresh sweat, old sweat, sweat from the groin, it’s the smell of sweat that changes because different bacteria live under the armpits than between the toes. If you are into severe sweat smell, then strictly speaking, you have a bacteria fetish. Anyway, we’ll get you sex partners who smell like sweat. You love your smell when you stink like a polecat? There are others who want to sniff you, they too have a sweat fetish. On the scrotum, between the fleshy labia, in the crack of the ass and right at the anus, it smells like sweat. Under the arms, in the neck and behind the ears, it smells like sweat. Get the smell of sweat.

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Sweat comes out of a gland, how wonderfully disgusting horny is because that alone. Just the word gland has the power to make cocks stiff and pussies wet. Disgustingly horny, the sticky stuff from the gland, lick it off. Sweat glands can be found all over the body, do you also have the morbid desire to lick them all off. We’ll get you sweaty sex partners for a fetish date to your liking. Finally, you can live out your sweat fetish with others. Maybe you’ll go to the sauna to fuck or something. Pull condoms over your feet and go for a walk for a few hours, so you can harvest the sweat, what comes together. What a sublime fetish, you make your sex partners sweat and then you lick them off. Quite fresh, almost tasteless. If the sweat is rancid, the taste becomes so nice bitter, so everyone has his preferences as far as the sweat fetish is concerned.

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What do you have to offer our members with sweat fetish? Do you go jogging and sweat like a pig? Are you fat and sweat already when you go from the sofa to the kitchen and are you ready to put yourself on the treadmill before sex? Have you not washed for a long time, stink in front of you and spread bad but horny smells? Are you employable, or do we have to be ashamed at the end that we have taken you in and brought you to the man? Are you suitable for a fetish date? Our members have high standards for their sex partners and we have a reputation to lose. If you’re brave enough toa meet strangers to lick each other on a first date, then you’ve come to the right place, the Circus of Perversions. The brothers and sisters celebrate every newcomer with sweat fetish, someone like you is in demand here.

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Sweat fetish – Yummy salty is horny.


The freaks with sweat fetish find their sex partners for endgeile fetish dates here in the circus of perversions. Come in, come see…