Genital Torture Fetish – Hard Kicks In The Scrotum

Oh my, the nasty genital torture fetish… are you serious, you want to do it? Bad, really bad, you should be ashamed of yourself. Should we get you sex partners who abuse your genitals? What would you like? Are you a man who wants to be kicked in the balls by a woman? Do you really enjoy it when her foot bounces against your testicles and a pain drives through your body that is as intense and radiant as God himself. Should she crush your balls with the nutcracker, really squeeze until red veils cloud your field of vision? No problem, we know such women, in the circus of perversions we introduce them to you. If she is already there, she could also prick you with needles in the glans, which hurts like hell, but makes you horny as hell, even the Pope dreams of it.

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We’ll get you women who will break your penis, once and for all. They even like to do it, they get horny on it, they also have a genital torture fetish, just the other way around. These ladies are constantly looking for new victims, their wear is great and they play the game only once with you, because for a second time you are not good. Maybe you will have to learn to live without an acorn. You can’t know what will happen when you make dates with the females from the circus of perversions. They may make your balls burst, then what? Or they may push something into your urethra, which will not come out, the risks are manifold, it is not safe to make fetish dates. The sluts are so curious, they try everything. You put yourself in danger and you will like it very much.

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They trample on your balls, their spiked heels drill into your flesh. The “ladies” make you bleed and they have no mercy. When women get off on your pain, you’re at the bottom, you can’t fall any lower. Look around in the circus of perversions. If you are looking for sex partners who can serve your genital torture fetish lustfully. The thing with the wire brush is certainly unpleasant, but still better than the story with the hot water. The friendly lady will probably do both with you, hopefully you have wound healing ointment in the house. Pinching, kicking, pulling, dipping in hot wax, nailing, slapping, scratching and biting are just a few of the things one can do to a penis and a scrotum. You can also light both on fire, bring them to a boil in a water bath and put them in a deep fryer.

Total insane fetish dating.


We are always available with suggestions if you run out of ideas on what to do with your private parts on a fetisch date. Is your genital torture fetish only me related? Would you like to torture a pussy? Maybe you start slowly, maybe the young woman is still a bit scared which we assign to you. You could set her pubic hair on fire first, then she’ll see right away how things are going with you. Surely she expects you to torture her with the belt. It’s obvious that she likes to get her private parts beaten with it. Should she stand wide-legged in front of you so that you can kick her vagina with momentum? She better not flinch, then you threaten her with the cactus, she will suddenly be good. Green and blue she should shimmer, down there between the legs, where everything is swollen.


Does your mother know what you are doing, or is she the reason? There are sex offenders with genital torture fetish, who put burning candles under the women’s cunts. And there are women who don’t even have to be tied up for that. They stay voluntarily and extinguish the flame with their blistered pussies by inserting the candle when it is out. You are quite a sick scoundrel. But we do not care, the circus of perversions knows no prejudices, for us you are all just sex offenders. We will also get you sex partners who will find your dirty fantasies horny and give themselves to you voluntarily. We’ll get you sluts who you can pull the labia long, pierce, scald and burn and cut it off. The main thing is that it is cruel and hurts beautifully, then it is right, so it is wanted here.

We are where you are.

Sperm on the wounds, does not let it heal faster, but maybe it inflames so and you have a few days longer fun with it. Besides, it makes you horny to ejaculate on the tortured vagina, any bet. There was still the thing with the cactus. That is really an adventure for you and an unexpectedly violent torture for her. A cruel fun, a pleasure for all those who already have everything else behind them. How far does your genital torture fetish go? Usually you know no limits, unless the genital is gone, then pitch-black, then it’s closing time. Are you ready to take this step as well? Your genital torture fetish would be dead. You would have to get a new fetish and would masturbate with the bottle brush in the future. Come to the circus of perversions, if it makes you itch. The totally insane fetish dating show.

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Are you a freak, or just a normal maniac with a genital torture fetish? As someone who likes women to stand on his dick, you don’t belong in the freak show yet. If you are looking for a sex partner who will peel your penis with a potato peeler, then you are a freak and belong in the freak sideshow. Here in the circus, if you use the main entrance, and next door in the freak show, you will find suitable sex partners. A guy with genital torture fetish is always welcome here, we welcome you because you are one of us. You are a crazy maniac, we can smell it, join us, make a fetish date now.