Food Fetish – Sex With Food Is Satisfying

If you find it sexually arousing and also quite stimulating to shove asparagus spears into your asshole while you cover your private parts with bacon, you could possibly have a food fetish. You may want to have sex with egg salad, but you only get off on egg salad when it has pickles in it. A thick meat sausage in your cunt hole, scratching your clit with the sharp-edged rim of the lid of a tuna can and pushing the leek deep into your intestines. Sex with food is nothing unusual, but it’s also nothing common. Holding your penis in soup, ejaculating into coffee, or fucking a ripe melon, the food fetish is to blame if you have such fantasies. There is no shame in fucking with food, is it? You can feel a little ashamed of being such a disgusting freak who does it with vegetables.

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It’s not that we won’t take no for an answer when we ask you for a fetish date, but we aim for a yes answer. We have so many members, men and women with food fetishes, whom we have promised with a hand shake to provide them with new sex partners over and over again. We actually talked big and brought us a bit in the spot with this. That’s why we would be very interested you would live out your food fetish together with our members. Take a look at the circus of perversions, make yourself a picture and then report to us whether you want to join us or not. For every fetish the right sex partner, birds of a feather flock together. Also for sex with vegetables and the like, you will find here sex contacts, in the big circus of perversions.

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Whether we like it or not, you are a part of us. You are a freak, a person with strange erotic preferences, you are like us, you are weird. To ensure that you don’t stay unmated and perish from your fetish, we get you sex partners with whom you can live out your food fetish. Sex with food, either fried or not, as long as it makes horny, it’s okay. Shove spaghetti down your urethra, or even macaroni, you can just leave it in and piss through it. Making love in a tub full of strawberries and champagne, that also fits the scheme, of a freak with a food fetish.

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