Menstruation Fetish – Greasy, Bloody And Slimy

Are you also one of those who sneak into the ladies’ room, with the fear to get caught in the back of your neck, to rummage in the sanitary napkin bucket? Your mouth is watering, the treasures to be found there are so delicious. Tampons wrapped in used sanitary napkins, kept fresh by several layers of toilet paper. What a feast for the eyes, what a feast for the palate, the menstruation fetish is a very special fetish. Do you unpack everything right on the spot, lick the mucus out of the panty liners, chew on the tampons and jerk your juice onto the toilet seat? Or do you go through the cubicles one by one and take your treasures home with you? Sanitary napkins in which dirt and mud sticks, red, green slime and also brown from the asshole. It smells like a woman, very strict and pure.

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The holy blood from the vagina, dark red if old, light red if from a young women. You don’t have to see the sluts to know who they are, you can tell by the consistency of the menstruation and the brand of the panty liner. You are certainly an expert when it comes to the menstruation fetish, you have certainly pulled tampons out of the porta-potty and sucked on them after shaking off the feces. The circus of perversions, we know about every fetish, including the menstruation fetish. Do you also feel lucky when you find a used tampon with blood clots stuck to it? Pieces of the uterus, a bit firmer than Jell-O and very intense in taste. Rancid blood, even dried up sanitary napkins that are already starting to mold slightly, reactivating it with spit and urine, you are sly as a fox, you know how to do it.

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When you go to the bathroom, you look in the bucket, you know what your female acquaintances taste like between their legs. You’ve found tampons in the park, you’ve sneaked into restrooms on the highway at night, you always know where to get a blood-soaked tampon. You smell it, you lick it and then you take the tampon in your mouth and you get dizzy with horniness. Each time you have to force yourself to bite the tampon and swallow the cold blood. Your cock stands like a one and it drips. You have a menstruation fetish, hopefully you are vaccinated. Hepatitis and so on, you should treat yourself, that can not hurt in your case. Then you can be even more uninhibited, then you don’t need to care what nasty and dangerous diseases you lick from the disgusting panty liner, then you can enjoy it.

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The sanitary napkin stinks of cunt, of cunt that hasn’t been washed in a while, of urine and of sweat. It smells sweet, dangerous, it’s not a nice smell and yet you can’t help inhaling it. The mucus, it’s shiny, it’s so tough, it must be poisonous. Discharge from the cunt hole, you like to lick such slime. It’s too late to be ashamed now, you should have done it a long time ago. Now you’re in it, you have a menstruation fetish and it won’t go away, it accompanies you now until death. How many times have you made a tea out of old tampons? Drinking the brownish, reddish broth made you horny, didn’t it? Then how about finding yourself a dominatrix who will let her period blood run directly into your mouth? You certainly don’t know warm menstrual blood yet.


Without women no menstruation fetish, when they stop bleeding, you look old. In all likelihood, this will not happen, they will continue to bleed from their vaginas. Fresh vaginal blood, can we entice you with it, make you want to have a fetish date with a menstruating dominatrix? Not only dominas, but also very “normal” women, would love to see you lick their vaginas while they bleed, as if they had stabbed pigs stuck in their pussies. Fresh flow, given by women who are at the peak of their period. It makes you horny, it makes them horny, sure to get fucked horny after you’ve had your fill. You can rub your face on the woodchip wallpaper, but the desire for a used tampon will never go away. At least the circus of perversions now offers you the possibility to live out your menstruation fetish properly.

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Find a woman who will go tampon-snatching with you if she doesn’t bleed herself. There are women who are like you, they like to put used tampons of other women into their pussies. You won’t find such women without us, you can forget it. To find women with menstruation fetish you need the circus of perversions. Just imagine, you have a perverted sex friend and pull a whole lump of bloody tampons out of her pussy. She stinks of a lot of women. Look in her asshole and see if you can find something to put in your mouth. Menstruating women fuck, sex with sluts who have their period, when they menstruate they are always especially horny. You would like to drive bended straws made of steel into their cervixes. So that the menstrual blood can drain away nicely. You want to drink menstrual blood?

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We are your family, we assist you, we accept you as you are. Even if you are quite weird and should not really associate with other people. Can we entrust you with our female members, is it guaranteed that you will gravely abuse them? Can you promise us that you will lick out their slimy pussies if we get you menstruating women for fetisch dates? The Circus of Perversions, the nastiest dating site on the net. It’s really uncomfortable to be associated with us, isn’t it? You’ll have to get through it. We are the only ones in the world who can help you live out your menstruating fetish with a sex partner. Ucus in panty liners, sanitary napkins and fetish dates with menstruating women.