Pubic Hair Fetish – Where The Frog Has The Curls

Dense, curly pubic hair, it turns you on, doesn’t it? You probably like it when it starts at the belly, becomes dense and bushy above the cunt hole and pulls itself up over the asshole to the rump. Labia on which hair grows, thick, frizzy hair, just right for your pubic hair fetish. The circus of perversions gets you sex partners who do not shave the bush. A lush hairstyle is mandatory if you want to play along as a woman in this category, the more conspicuous the better. It does not have to be well-groomed, it may be quietly sticky and stink of cunt, then it is right for the guys who join us. Pubic-hair on the asshole, thick curls that cover the rosette. To lick the asshole, you have to dig through the hair. That’s how you want it, you also like it when the pubic hair smells.

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Dark pubic hair that extends over the inner thighs. A wide land for you to graze. The pubic hair preserves the juices, the horny juices that drip from the irritated vagina. The sticky juices, they gum up in the pubic hair, do you see the little beads shimmering? Without pubic hair, all pussies look the same. Only the pubic hair makes the vagina a cunt, only when the curls proliferate, the fuck hole becomes interesting. Like old cum, the cunt juice sticks in the pubic hair and ferments away. We’ll get you women who will be too hairy even for you, but who else should we turn them on to? You’re the man of the hour, you’re the guy with the pubic hair fetish, you’ll have hairy women chatting you up when you become a member of the circus of perversions. The pubic hair fetish shouldn’t be a fetish.

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If the curly splendor looks right and left out of the panties, if the pubic hair can no longer be tamed, then you like it, then it’s a case for you and your pubic hair fetish. It proliferates like weeds, dense and firm, beautiful to touch. And how horny the pubic hair smells after sports, after the fuck, after just everything. You are the guy with the pubic hair fetish, we are the circus of perversions and we get you sex partners who belong to the freaks because of their pubic hair, with justification. Carol has curls in her pubic hair, Tina has matted pubic hair and Katy has little critters in her pubic hair. Which of the ladies would you like to meet first? They are all three horny and all three have hair on their assholes. Tina even has pubic hair on her breasts.

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