Smoke Fetish – Inhale Dense Smoke And Get Horny

Inhaling smoke, it is certainly foolish and one of the stupidest things you can ever do. Which also makes the smoke fetish a very stupid fetish. Common sense cannot explain smoking, smokers are very sick people. Worse than smokers, are only people like you. Freaks who get off on smokers. You take advantage of these sick people, it excites you to watch addicts smoke, you have a smoke fetish, you disgusting pig. Cigarettes, cigars and also hookahs, when you see smoking people, then your teeth chatter, then your sex itches, then you get horny like shit. Your teeth drip when you see them inhaling the smoke, they smoke and they steam and you get excited to the point of ecstasy. Have you ever thought about fetish dates with smokers with whom you can live out your smoke fetish?


Are you a smoker yourself and do you smoke for the pleasure? Thick smoke, you suck it through your breathing hole, swallow it down, fill your lungs with it and cough it out again. Yellow smoke, your body resists it, if only it wouldn’t be so horny to smoke. When smoke is blown on your genitals, or in your face, your blood pressure rises, then these fantasies come into your head again, then you get horny again. Licking the tongue of a smoking stranger, you taste the nicotine, how horny is that. Does it makes you horny to blow smoke up your sex partners ass? It’s not easy, but it helps against worms and is good against swamp ass. Yeah, why not? If you have a smoke fetish and it makes you horny, you may of course play the forbidden games. Why don’t you make a smoke Fetish date?

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Now you can make fetish dates with smokers. In the circus of perversions you will meet other people with a smoke fetish. A smoke fetish? In other words, a fetish where you watch other people poison themselves. That makes you horny? The Circus of Perversions does not judge, it arranges sex partners in fetish matters, we are a strange dating portal, but for the freaks it is enough. What’s good for the others can’t be bad for you, right? So many people can’t be wrong, it must work well with fetish dating, in the circus of perversions. Are you ready for the ultimate shit? We have a very bad feeling, because smoking is deadly, it says so on every pack. But if you really want it, we’ll hook you up with smoking sex partners for miserably horny fetish dates.

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