Uniform Fetish – Stand At Attention In Front Of The Dignified Leg Dress.

Do uniforms excite you, or do people who wear uniforms excite you. Clothes make the man, they say, and there is certainly something to it. We don’t have to explain it to a freak with a uniform fetish, you know exactly what makes you horny about uniforms. Stand still and hands off sex, now it’s getting serious. Tinsel hangs on the epaulettes, but it is only the uniform of a park guard from the twenties. The uniform of a captain makes you horny, but the uniform of a general, if you were allowed to fuck someone who wears such a uniform, you would faint. Historical uniforms with badges of honor, your tooth will drip, you’ll wet your panties. Your blood pressure rises to dangerous heights and your pulse races. Getting excited about a uniform, that’s pretty crazy, but if it’s your thing, then it’s okay. We’re not judging.

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Whether schoolmaster uniform, or the uniform of a nurse, the uniform fetish does not stop at any service suit. Sex in uniform, sex with uniformed sex partners, whether battle dress or uniform, it turns you on. The leg dress of a soldier, a policeman, or that of a letter carrier, you want to rub it and use it to jerk off. A uniform always radiates respect, it’s real and intimidates you, that’s fine and quite normal when you have a uniform fetish. The outfit, that livery, the uniform and of course the uniform, here you put it on for sex, with us you don’t fuck naked, you dress for coitus according to your rank. Sex in military uniform, fuck young girls in school uniform, fuck a sister in nun’s uniform. Hurray for uniformity, it makes us the same, it makes you happy. Dressed homogeneously and standardized, that’s how it’s best, that’s how it should be when you have sex.

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Uniforms of the military, midwives and stewardesses, if it is a uniform, it makes you horny. Even train driver seduce you, wholly and solely with the caps of their uniforms. You’re easy to get if someone comes along who has pretty buttons on their service coat, military mouse gray makes you fuzzy. Uniform shirts and uniform pants, these are all sex objects for you, you can’t resist them. You don’t have to, because in the circus of perversions, you’ll find uniform wearers with whom you can live out your uniform fetish on a fetish date. Here, not only the penis salutes, here, not only the nipples stand to attention, here the best fetish dates are made.

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