Amputation Fetish – The Stump Makes You Horny?

They extracted three teeth of Peggy, you can lick her germy gums. They took off also one of her legs. The stump has not healed nicely, it takes an effort to stroke it. But Peggy wants her stump stroked, so you will too. The amputation fetish, it is not a beautiful fetish, it testifies to suffering, to illness and misery. You would have liked the war, there were arms and legs everywhere, you would have had a hard-on in your pants around the clock. The arm goes, the scarred stump remains, good for nothing more than to be caressed by you. What makes you horny? Is it amputated toes, or are you into it when the leg ends just below the knee? Does it make you hot when the scars on the stump protrude roughly, do you find fresh stumps interesting? Your world seems to be out of joint.

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Nothing is as stressful as a fetish that you can’t live out. This applies not least to such a delicate fetish as the amputation fetish. Do you loiter in front of the hospital and look for women with amputated limbs in the smokers’ corner? Do you approach the ladies and ask them if you can lick their stump? You probably won’t, you are not brave enough for such actions, you lack the guts. You just dream about doing it, you probably watch amputation fetish porn and jerk off until nothing comes out. That’s really sad, isn’t it? Go on fetish dates and live out your amputation fetish. The circus of perversions provides you with sex partners who are missing body parts. Finally, you can live out your amputation fetish without any worries and make Sex with amputees. Maybe you start small and suck on a half amputated finger, or toe.

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A nice stump is like a gorgeous ham, with any luck you can feel the bone. The surgeon has made it go away, the superfluous flesh, he has cut it off and disposed it. What remains is the stump with the scar, very tender flesh, fine to lick and if you rub your willy against it, then it becomes quite stiff. We also get you women without legs, then you have a woman to fuck and two stumps on which you can abuse. Bite into the stump of an arm, the tissue can withstand it, just bite firmly. A nice fetish you have there, you notice it yourself, right? We would be ashamed if we had an amputation fetish, honestly, we would be ashamed to the core. But before you do something stupid, we’ll get you sex partners with stumps, with whom you can make fetish dates and live out your amputation fetish.

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Are you bothered by one or the other part of your body? Do you find your left foot superfluous, strange and out of place? This can also be an amputation fetish, you will find it horny to get rid of the superfluous, it will make you happy. Don’t be a fool, take the chance we offer you. No dating portal in the world offers you amputee sex contacts, only we do that, from Circus of Perversions. We care about you, we care about your fetish, you are a freak, you are one of us, that’s why we provide you with suitable sex contacts. Without us, that we swear, you will go to the grave without ever having even smelled a stump. There is only one way, there is no alternative, at least none that is legal. You want it, you want to touch and pleasure stumps. Our members have stumps and they want their horny stumps to be touched.


Repression doesn’t work, it hurts your body and soul to just sit out the fetish. This is the crux of the fetish, not only with the amputation fetish, all fetishists suffer from it. Until now you could handle it, it hurt, but it could be endured. That’s over now, over and done, now you know us, now you know where to find sex partners with whom you can live out your dirty amputation fetish. It has burned into your soul, the circus of perversions has infected you, you now know about us, now you are doomed. You could always make a fetisch date, touch a horny stump, smell it, kiss it and lick it. Don’t you want to? It’s your own fault, you’ll come back, because everyone comes back, we’ve seen it before. You come to the circus freaks when you need us, and you need us already.