Castration Fetish – A Unique Experience

So you are interested in the castration fetish. Maybe you should see a psychologist rather than seek help in the circus of perversions, but you seem to be old enough to know what you are doing. The castration fetish, a strange but not rare fetish. It is bizarre, the desire to part with one’s genitals, but you are by no means alone in this. It requires absolute devotion to be emasculated by a castrator, the worst kind of dominatrix. Only real freaks dare to take this step, not everyone who has a castration fetish allows themselves this unique adventure by far. How would you like to be castrated? With pliers? Do you want a dominatrix to squeeze your vas deferens until it is irreparably destroyed by the squeezing? Or do you want to wear tight rubber bands around your testicles until they darken and fall off? What will you choose?

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The mistress could of course also cut open your scrotum, cut your vas deferens and possibly also remove the testicles? The sweet cut, you want to experience it perhaps without anesthesia? The desire for emasculation is deep inside you, you don’t want to reproduce, you even want to prevent it, you have a castration fetish. Painful and pleasurable the emasculation should be, it should take place in a dirty environment, so that germs can crawl into the wounds. A dominatrix should do it, a very strict one, one who specializes in making it especially painful. Boy, you’ve done something. How long have you been waiting for this unique experience? Now is the time, now is the time to free yourself. You might even have your penis removed. Honestly, why do you need a penis? You’d better have it removed, it’s completely superfluous.

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An incision longitudinally through the penis until it breaks into two parts. The urethra is scraped out on both sides, the penis is removed in its entirety and the hole is penetrated with the thick bottle brush. A skilled dominatrix does this with the sharp edge of the lid a of dog food can and within a few minutes. If desired, even in front of an audience, the paying gawkers of the sideshow, are always looking for new attractions. You can also have the eggs bitten off. There will be a slave who will do that and swallow your testicles, so that they are irretrievably lost. Sharp acid on it, that disinfects and then you are considered dismissed, then you have the trouble. Maybe the dominatrix will also force you to remove it yourself. This is crass, full of the sick shit, but quite very interesting.

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In a dirty hut, in the forest outside the city, or in an old swimming pool, tied to a gynecological chair with blood and pus on it, you will lose your manhood. Put your scrotum on the anvil, only one blow is needed and a pain drives through your limbs like never known before. For safety’s sake, they strike three times and sometimes more until the redeeming faintness arrives. It’s not too late, you can still go back. But you know that this is a lie, for you there is no turning back, sooner or later you have to put the matter behind you. In the Circus of Perversions you will find like-minded people and people with whom you can live out your castration fetish. Sign up and meet your final opponent. Finally meet the person who will fulfill your desire and make you an eunuch.