Bacteria Fetish – Very Contagious And Extremely Infectious

Did you know that there are other people with bacteria fetish? Truth be told, your fetish is not that rare. You are not quite as screwed up as you always thought, others are as screwed up as you are. The circus of perversions is joined by women who pull their labia apart and rub their pussies on the pissed toilet seats of public toilets. Such women also lick dirty door handles, filthy handrails and filthy urinals. They have a bacteria fetish, they find the possibility of infection very arousing. Where normal people say “fie”, it gets interesting for these bimbos, they are up for herpes, syphilis and other stories. Fecal bacteria turn you on? Do you also lick toilet seats and suck on the ball hanging from the rope that opens hospital doors? Things that can make you sick turn you on? You have a bacteria fetish.

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Have you ever licked a fucking toilet brush, or rubbed your private parts on it? You are such a horny pig, we are looking for people like you, you may enter the circus of perversions, you are a pervert. We have members that we promised to get them sex partners like you, they have a bacteria fetish and are looking for like-minded people. Searching together for dirty corners teeming with bacteria. Rub your finger on it, then put your finger in your mouth and suck on it. In pairs it is more beautiful, in pairs it is hornier and in pairs it is much dirtier. A man who pulls his cock through infectious dirt and a woman who smears infectious dirt in the pussy hole. We finally get you the right sex partners, we get you sex partners who are as kinky and dirty and as uninhibited as you are. Such kinky sex contacts are only offered by the circus of perversions.

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Should we get you a sex partner who already has a STD. You could lick over the little pimples after scratching them. Here you get something very special, here you get fresh bacteria. You can also have fungus, from the penis or the vagina and of course from the asshole. Your heart is beating like crazy for this offer? Then you have a bacteria fetish and long for an infection. Here you can infect yourself so pretty and so quickly that it will make you horny. Lubricate her bacteria in the horny vagina, squirt your semen on it too, so that the bacteria finds a breeding ground. We get you someone with herpes on the lip, suck the crust, bite the pimples and enjoy the juice. The bacteria fetish is not a harmless fetish, you know it yourself. Never mind, if it makes you horny, then it’s the right thing for you.

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