Breath Control Fetish – Please Hold Your Breath Now

Being strangled whilst being fucked. Being strangled until stars sparkle infront of your eyes and you see the world through a red veil. No kid stuff, real hard choking games that come so close to choking death that it can go wrong. Strangle until they no longer gasp and a little longer, it should finally be an erotic near-death experience. Squeeze, fuck, squeeze further and fuck further, it can be so nice. Firm squeeze, firm fuck, is that what you want? Choke your sex partner, be choked by your sex partner, the breath control fetish has two sides. You can already feel sorry for yourself. They will fuck you and they will choke you until you lose your mind. You can relax from us at goat yoga. On a fetish date a lot of adrenaline is generated and that’s right. Here you live out your breath control fetish with others.

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Cut off the air until only a gasp is possible. It’s good when it’s done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Homeless people often keep their valuables in their shoes. That’s just an info by the way, which ultimately has nothing to do with the topic of breath control fetish. Coming to orgasm without being able to catch your breath. It’s a spectacle that should be indulged in once in a while. Suffering deathly fears at the climax because you can’t get air when you need it the most. In games centered around the breath control fetish, breathing is reduced, or stopped altogether. The brain cannot comprehend being so horny and so at the end, it gives you mega orgasms. A gag in your mouth, your nose closed, this is how you get fucked. You don’t make a sound, you just hope you survive the ordeal.

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You make a date. You are the boss. Your sex partner only breathes when you like it and sometimes you don’t like it. It’s up to you whether your sex partner rattles or doesn’t breathe at all, up to you and no one else. The circus of perversions is your chance for a fetish date, here it shows whether you have balls in your pants, or whether you are just a mouth. Who puts himself in danger, who can also perish in it. That’s how it is with the breath control fetish, there is always a residual risk, after all, you meet with strangers you have torn up on a more than dubious dating site.

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