Eyeball Fetish – I Lick Your Eyes Habibi

So delicate, so damn delicate and extremely sensitive, nothing is as fragile as an eyeball. You have to be delicate if you have an eyeball fetish, only those who are highly sensitive are allowed to suck eyeballs. Do eyes turn you on because they are the gateway to the soul, do you find eyeballs sexy because they are so delicate? You have to be very gentle with them, you can only lick them very carefully, in no case you can be rough, otherwise the eyeballs will break. Delicate kisses on the pupil, very considerate and concerned about the eyesight of the sex partner. Gently, tenderly and gently, the eyeball fetish is a tender fetish. Suck the salt of shed tears from the retina, don’t suck too hard or the eye will pop out and that would be kind of weird. A horny fetish around the eye, in the circus of perversions you will find sex partners. Here you will find a lot of potential sex contacts on the topic of eyeball fetish.

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Bulbus oculi. The eyeball. It is no wonder that it is also a synonym for darling. The eye is so near and dear to everybody and for you it’s not just yours, but other people’s eyes too. So small, so round and they shine so beautifully, in eyes we can quickly fall in love. But the circus of perversions is not about love, here it is about finding sex partners for fetish dates. You want to make a fetish date and lick the eyeballs of a stranger? Knock yourself out, you’ve come to the right place, you’ll find sex contacts here. As fucking smooth as the eye, not even the glans is that fucking smooth, a hemorrhoid maybe, but licking it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s the glubbers that make you horny, they’re more to you than just sensory organs with which to cast amorous glances.

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Inseminate the eyes? If you like it, it will be done, why not. Damn fornication, that’s what you were made for, that’s the mess you were born for. You are only in the world to serve anyone as a sex partner for an eyeball fetish date. This is your destiny, you have to make it your mission now. Make a date and lick the eye, that’s all that is required of you. Open your eyes wide, let them lick your eyeballs, it makes the others horny too. The circus of perversions, the biggest pig stuff on the web, here you are with the really nasty freaks. A totally insane fetish dating portal, here the sex offenders loiter around quite publicly, with us they don’t hide in the twilight, here they bask in their own glory. From here on life begins and life is dirty, get ready for something, think big.

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