Balloon Fetish – It Sounds Like It, But It’s No Kid’s Stuff

The lightness of being can’t become conscious to people without balloon fetish. Only a true looner is able to understand. Captured breath, held together by a thin cover, a balloon, the epitome of perfection. Squeaking rubber, creaking, whistling, colorful and so beautifully plump. So delicate, so infinitely delicate, so horny. The floating airicus with the sweet knot, it excites you immensely. A beautiful, big, plump, red balloon, it bursts. What’s going on inside you? Are you getting teary and anxious, or would you like to play violently with your private parts and burst the next balloon? Is it the blowing up of balloons that makes you ecstatic, or do you orgasm when a sick balloon, whistling loses its air? The statistics show that it is most beautiful when you live out the balloon fetish in pairs. The inflation of the limp envelope, to a plump hollow body, so infinitely sensitive.

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We all played with balloons as children and some of us experienced the first orgasms from rubbing their private parts on a balloon. These are the looners, their love for balloons is endless. Of course, we could throw you a ten-pack of balloons and claim to have gotten you ten sex partners, but we’re not like that. In Circus of Perversions you will find other looners with whom you can make fetish dates. We will introduce you to people who would love to become your balloon buddies. We don’t care if you have a penis or a vagina, as long as you like to press a balloon againts your private parts. You go on fetish dates with other looners and everything goes its own way. Live out your balloon fetish and share your pleasure with others. We get you sex partners for every imaginable fetish, of course also for the balloon fetish, that’s a matter of honor for us.

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We have all the answers to all unasked questions, we are the circus of perversions, we know eveything about any fetish. In fetish dating the paths divide. The boasters turn off somewhere and the fetishists march straight on and do their thing. Do you like sucking knots from a balloon? Do you like to lick the cover, of the inflatable joy dispenser? You charge yourself statically, currents flow through your body. Currents that the balloon gives you. It provides you with energy, it does you good, the balloon is your friend. Do you share your friend with a looner you met on the internet? Oh, come on, play with each other’s sexual organs, enjoy the balloon fetish together. Are you a fighter, a hero of eroticism? Then don’t hide, carry your fetish into the light and let it shine brightly. We are happy about every new looner who graces us.

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