Caviar Fetish – The Pleasure Of The Bodywarm Sausage

You think you have a caviar fetish? What makes you think so? Is it because you watch caviar fetish porn on the internet and get a hard-on? You desperately need a caviar fetish date so you realize what it’s like to really get crapped. Shit doesn’t smell like roses. And it’s not least the scent that doesn’t come across well in porn from the tube. In the movies, they squeeze it all out, it’s lubricated, eaten and swallowed what the intestines give. But is eating shit really as nice as they want you to believe? A scat date will bring you back to basics. It will ground you and maybe you will also feel a little sad that the scat thing is not for you after all. Eating shit yourself is totally different to just watching porn where they do it.

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Set up a fetish date, we have people who meet with you and poop in your face. Uninhibited they squat over you, you see the rose and how it opens. Then everything goes very quickly and a bunch of shit stucks in your face. Now we will see how you react and whether you let them stuff the shit in your mouth or whether you start to cry and call for your mother. Maybe you will go one step further and actually try the feces of the person you don’t know. After all you are doing the fetish date to live out your caviar fetish. You’ll learn that shit doesn’t taste good, why should it, it’s not for consumption. If you are not already fetished by now, then you have to chew a bit further on the body warm feces and be only with you and all your thoughts.

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What do you think, does your caviar fetish go so far that you will swallow the shit? It’s so much, it’s so bitter and actually you already feel sick. Nobody forces you, you decide, is it now a caviar fetish, or are you just a show-off? Such a sex date separates the wheat from the chaff. It shows who is a hero and who is just a boaster. You’ve chewed the shit, it sticks to the roof of your mouth, with your tongue you push the poop back and forth in your mouth. If you puke now, then it’s over. If only it didn’t taste so bitter, your body refuses to accept it. Your mind refuses to understand, shit doesn’t belong in your mouth. If we were to eat the feces of our sex partners, nature would have made it sweet and delicious and it would smell better.

Total insane fetish dating.


How deep does your caviar fetish go, is it really ingrained in you, or do you just think so? Let’s say you accepted our offer and went on a fetish date. You got screwed and have shit in your mouth, now what? The next step would be to chew the shit properly. Your tongue finds corn kernels, it finds unmentionables in the mush that gets thinner and thinner with your spit. You want to swallow it, your throat refuses, your body no longer listens to you. You have to force yourself, it will be okay. Swallow it, swallow the shit, the horny shit, live out your caviar fetish. You won’t swallow it, you just can’t get it down, you fail all the way. Maybe another time, if there is another time. Because actually you already have the snout full of the caviar fetish and that is also right.


Or do you swallow it after all. The brown mush in your mouth that stinks so terribly and tastes even worse. Poop in your mouth is poop in your mouth, you can’t sugarcoat it. Your sex partner plays with your sex to make it easier for you, but you don’t even realize it. It’s just you, the caviar fetish and the disgusting shit in your mouth. Come on, try it again right now, swallow a little, just a little bit, you have to make a start. Maybe you can do it, now it depends, will you be able to keep it inside you? Sometimes it comes back up faster than it went down. The body doesn’t want something like that in it and your body will also resist being fed shit. No one said it was going to be easy. But you’ll probably have to go through it.

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Be brave for once in your life and swallow everything. Your stomach rebels, it gets all hot and your brain goes crazy for a long time, you get an orgasm, but it does not interest you. Infernal stomach pain jolts through you, this is also part of the caviar fetish, in the caviar porn this is cut out, they don’t want to show you all the misery. Face it. You want to live out your fetish, you must also be willing to make sacrifices and endure pain. Maybe you’ll manage to fill your stomach with shit without vomiting it in a stream across the room, then you might be one of those who have a caviar fetish after all and not just pretend. Without doing it, you won’t know, so make a horny fetish date now and try out the caviar fetish.

We’ll get you sex partners for caviar sex, that’s a small thing for us, we are the circus of perversions, we make completely different things possible. Trust us, we will make you put your caviar fetish to the test, then you will finally know where you stand and if you are really such a bad finger as you think you are. Even if you don’t like it, at least you’ll have been properly pooped on once and had shit from another person in your mouth. You can be proud of that too, you can brag about it then, not everyone gets that far by a long shot.