Foot Fetish – Licking Feet And Stuff Like That

Actually, the foot fetish is not a real fetish in the true sense. It should be good manners to lick his partner’s feet during foreplay, because women simply like such things. The love for the foot only becomes a foot fetish when you specialize the thing a little.  It becomes a foot fetish when stinky feet excite you. When a strong foot scent makes you horny and you don’t get a hard-on anymore if you’re not allowed to sniff sweaty feet. It only becomes a foot fetish when you are into chapped heels and it makes you horny to nibble and lick the yellow callus. Are you such a guy who wants to rub his cock on the cornea of the ladies? You little horny rascal, in the end you really have a foot fetish, unbelievable. Wouldn’t you like to go on a few fetish dates?

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Maybe you’re a foot licker, one who likes to suck on ladies’ toes and stick your tongue in the spaces between their toes looking for old sock lint. Maybe you like long toenails, really nice yellow horn nails. Could it be that you like hooves? It could also be the corns that excite you. Little growths on the sides of the little toes. Where shoes pinch because women are too vain to buy bigger shoes. Do you get a hard-on when you see wrinkled soles? Do dirty feet make you horny, what is the nature of your foot fetish? Feet, there is so much to discover about feet, you can’t get out of being amazed. Sweet blue veins that can be seen through the thin skin. They too can make you horny if you fixate on them. Or is it colorful painted toenails that make you hot?

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Is Toejam your cue, do you think it’s sexy when women have lard stuck between their toes? It’s a salty, bitter cream made up of foot sweat and dirt that’s especially harvestable in the summer when sluts wear their smelly ballerinas. Do you like feet in flip-flops. Or do you like sniffing feet that have been sweating away in rubber boots for a whole day? Your foot fetish could also be a shoe fetish, the fetishes are close together and do nothing to each other. A foot fetish is more than just licking feet and sucking off toes. It is the fascination of the soles, the heels, the instep and so on and so forth. Either you don’t like feet, or you don’t care about them, or you love feet, you adore and worship them. You are one of those men who doesn’t miss a bare foot.

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The foot fetish, it’s not new. There were always men who were crazy about womens feet. To kiss unwashed feet is one of the oldest erotic fantasies that lasted until today. Dirty feet with aroma, a perfect aphrodisiac. Even impotent men get a hard-on when you hold cheese feet under their noses. And also the praised yellow horn of the womens heels serves as a natural sexual enhancer. The thicker the cornea, the better. There are men who eat the horn directly from the pedegg. Set up a fetisch date with a woman with thick cornea. Cut off a carver and let it melt on your tongue. Hmm, that tastes as salty as licorice, what you taste there is pure horniness. So delicious, a distinctive taste, only really unwashed feet taste like that.

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We’ll get you lots of women to put their feet in your face. And we’ll do it until you get sick of it and swear off the foot fetish. Julia takes a foot bath every day, she makes you drink the feet wash water. Tanja has stinky feet, she is a saleswoman in a butchery and stands behind the counter all day. In the evening her feet stink and they also hurt, then Tanja needs a foot massage. Would you massage her sticky feet? They smell really delicious of cheese and vinegar and a little bit of vomit too. Yummy, yummy, yummy, you would certainly like to rub your nose on it, you know this scent, it makes you quite horny. When our ladies are done with you, then you are also through with the topic of foot fetish.

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Actually, we are not joking when it comes to fetish, the matter is really sacred to us. That’s why we hate all those people who lightly claim that they have a fetish, which is definitely not the case. The foot fetish is so vast and so broad that just about everyone has a foot fetish, which makes the foot fetish itself, absurd again and a non-fetish. So, what brings you to us? Do you just want to have a look and then a second glance and maybe check it again or do you want to go the whole hog? So you want to do foot fetish dates, meet with strange women and spoil their feet.  Try it too, there is nothing more beautiful than a foot fetish date. Get the sluts for it at Circus of Perversions, the weird dating site for fetish lovers.

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You are in the best hands with us, you can trust us, we know our stuff. Do you want to meet a lot of people, do you want to be part of the machinery called foot fetish dating community? Instead of watching foot fetish porn for the ten thousandth time, in the future you can simply go on fetish dates and lick a woman’s feet while you fuck her. You can make the right choice because we made a presorting for you. We know which girls are into what and always offer you a suitable selection for a fetish date. Join the circus of perversions, we get you sex partners for very special dates.