Fart Fetish – Please Inhale As Deeply As Possible.

You meet a strange woman, you go to bed on the first date, you both have a fart fetish. You can’t wait to jam your nose between her ass cheeks and inhale her farts, and she’s all about farting those right in your face. The time has come, you’re in position, the tip of your nose touching her sweaty anus. It rattles, the air stinks, a nasty wind shoots towards you, which you suck greedily into your lungs. It burns in your throat, it makes your eyes water, it stinks so bad and you wist so horny that your cock hurts. She does not let you down, she spends you one wet fart after another, she is the right one to live out your fart fetish. How wet she gets, how horny it makes her to fart at you, she is impressed by your supernatural erection.

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Her farts are so delicious, so wet and so substantial. You feel a little tang that settles on your face like a wet mist every time she farts. Between farts, you lick her asshole, which she acknowledges with a pleasurable growl. She mists her horniness with her anus, it only takes minutes and you have fallen in love with her anus. The farts rattle around your ears, the warm intestinal winds of a woman who finds it horny to have you glued to her ass like an addict. She gives you what you need, she understands your desire to fart, she feeds you with warm air from the anus. The circus of perversions will get you a woman who will cheer you to inhale her farts. She’ll stink up the whole room and you’ll feel good as piggies. You’re a dirty pig, she’s a dirty pig, you belong together.

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She will sit on your face, with her gaping anus right on your open mouth. All you get to breathe are the winds from her bowels. Hissing, the stinky air comes out of her anus, her anus fluttering so funny that it makes you smile. The horny sow can leave her asshole open, she breathes with her asshole, she breathes in and out, and when she exhales, then you are on the spot. Let her fart in your open mouth, directly on the taste buds of your tongue. Then you’ll know that farts don’t just smell, they taste too. Oh man, that does it, we know about your fart fetish, it’s harmless, we’ll get you sex partners that will fart on sex date. The circus of perversions, the wacky dating site where you can find crazy sex partners for fetish dates. We don’t fool around like the other fetish portals.

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