Slaughter Fetish – You Are Fattened And Slaughtered

Do you feel like a slaughter animal and want to live among your own kind? The Circus of Perversions has good contacts with farmers who will lock you in the pigsty if you wish. Naked amongst pigs who will bully you. You will eat concentrated food and acorns amongst your shit until the day of your slaughter comes. Your slaughter fetish is in good hands with us, we will lock you up where you belong, in the barn. Since you are obviously not suitable for breeding, you will be fattened and slaughtered. You will end up as bacon and schnitzel on the plate. You have a fetish for slaughter cattle, because you are a slaughter cattle, you are not even livestock. In the pigsty you are fattened, as a pig among pigs, in the dirt, where you belong. Finally you can live out your slaughter fetish properly.

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For sure the farms where we house the pigs are no showpieces. You will stay where the sun doesn’t shine, it stinks of excrement and urine and the food is poor. You will eat rotten fruit and moldy vegetable peels, or you will starve. If we would be nice, we would house you with dignity, unfortunately we are not nice, we will make you suffer. The animal welfare plays no role here and your welfare certainly neither. You want a life as a pig and feverishly await your mock slaughter. We understand that well, but we don’t understand the thing with the mock slaughter, we call it slaughter, there was never any talk of mock. You poor pig, the slaughter fetish is not a very nice fetish, you should have chosen another fetish. Now it’s probably too late, we’ve already registered that you have a fucking deep-seated slaughter fetish.

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Throw away your life, boy how did you come up with something like that and that only because of the horniness. They will drive out your horniness in the stable, they poke you with pitchforks when you get a hard-on there. With the smallest erection you get kicks with the rubber boot, or one with the stun gun. Finally, you should not bestride the sows, you are not the breeding pig in the barn. You should get fat, so that you become something like a horny Sunday roast and sausages and cold cuts. Your feet will be served as cured pork knuckles, the dogs get your ears and from the leftovers we make soup meat. Register to the barn so that your ordeal can begin and we can start carrying out your slaughter fetish. You can leave your clothes and your human rights at the cloakroom, you won’t need them anymore. You are now a cattle that we will take care of.

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