Piercing Fetish – With The Madame It Jingles In The Panties.

Thick rings in the sex, they are stuck in holes punched in the labia, they are pulled through acorns, stainless steel in the vagina and penis. Rods, tunnels, rings and other intimate jewelry, do you think it’s horny? In other words, it excites you when it jingles in your sex partner’s underpants, like in a watch store. Metal strikes metal, heavy and cold, it pulls down the nipples, it pulls the labia long, it makes the dick longer and longer. Heavy metal wherever you touch, you already have problems to put on the penis ring, because there is so much steel in the plonker. If you have a piercing fetish, you like stainless steel in your private parts. Stigmatophilia is the weakness for piercings, unnatural holes in the body, they are horribly beautiful. It becomes really beautiful with the rings in the body only when chains are pulled through.

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A ring in the brow, a ring in the nose, a ring in the lip, a ring in the tongue, a ring in the nipple, a ring in the bellybutton, a ring in the clit, a ring in the labia and you will suck on every single ring. The taste of steel in your mouth, you’re on it, you horny sow. A ring in the testicle ligament, a ring in the glans, a ring in the foreskin. How to fuck with it, it will be fine, you will make an effort. A piercing fetish can also be different. It can be sexually arousing to get a piercing. This would be the crowning glory of a good foreplay and when the new ring is in the clit, it will be fucked hard. Don’t worry, in the circus of perversions you will find sex partners who also have a pronounced piercing fetish.

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Nobody will doubt the sexual attraction of piercings. And that an intimate piercing increases the desire, no one questions this either. So it is quite natural to have a piercing fetish. It’s nothing for thin-skinned people. Needles are pushed through the flesh, rings are pulled through the skin, it’s painful but also horny. The pliers are squeezed, the pain goes through the nipple. Then the hollow needle is pulled through the nipple and the rod of steel, right thereafter. High quality surgical steel in the body, does it really have to be? Apparently yes, otherwise not so many would do it, otherwise not so many people would find it horny.

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