Fursuit Fetish – When The Mutt Fucks The Horny Cat

A woman in a beaver costume and a man in a gorilla costume rub up against each other and think it’s pretty great. It can’t be explained with common sense, to say the least, it’s strange, if not weird. The unicorn does it with the bear, the cat with the dog and the salmon gets fucked by a deer. The neighbors love to gossip, so it’s better to keep it a secret if you have an fursuit fetish. For someone with fursuit fetish, it feels quite normal, but for other people, it can seem very strange. Do you also have a costume in your closet? Are you an elf, a kangaroo, or a booty rat when you dress up to fuck? Meow meow, woof woof, i-aaaaaa. It’s like a zoo here, since the people with the fursuit fetish discovered us for themselves.

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Furry, the main thing is that it is nice and furry and not only on the teeth. Cuddly it must be and as hairy as possible, if people with fursuit fetish meet on a sex date. Whole orgies are celebrated, with any amount of animal participants. Meow Tsetung, the horny cat, is looking for a cat in heat, which he can get at on the old wall in the backyard at night. Hilde, the mature cow with the thick udders can only be inseminated on Fridays. And Kerstin is a goat, but is into doggystyle sex with mutts. We don’t know them all personally, but there are far too many freaks with fursuit fetishes who have recently joined us. Dressing up and fucking, or at least petting with someone in an animal costume. That’s what they are here, the freaks in their animal costumes.

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If stuffed animals fuck, then good night. The fursuit fetish is a hairy fetish. Hair in the face, hair on the ass, hair everywhere, even on the tail is hair. Here rabbit and fox say good night only after they have fucked each other nicely. In the realm of fursuit fetish everything is messed up, here the critters fuck without preference to any kind, what a mess. Didn’t a former leader once wrote in his book, the donkey fucks the donkey, the dog fucks the dog, the squirrel fucks the squirrel, the stork fucks the stork and so on and so forth? All this has no meaning today, the creatures fuck all in a jumble, just as they like it. This may be pig stuff, here in the circus of perversions.

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