It does not work without perversion.


In the circus of perversion everyone has a kink, here everyone is fetishized, we love perversions. Is that bad? Not if you are not a prude. At some point you will also have to realize that you are different, you also have a special fetish, you are deviant. Being different isn't a downfall, at least not if you know where to find sex partners. Lucky you, you already know it. Here in the circus of perversions we get you sex contacts, here you find freaks who make fetish dates with you. Now everything will be fine, from now on everything will run like clockwork, finally you have arrived. Through us it will be easy for you with the fetish dates. Here you will find freaks who are like you.

Armpit Fetish – Clean Shaven And Also Beautifully Hairy

Armpit fetish - Horny wet and warm.

You know how it is, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, only with the armpit fetish it is different, there are only winners. Every sexpartner should have one or two armpits, it can be assumed. And no matter if hairy, shaved, freshly washed, or sweaty, an armpit is always horny. Hmmm, smells good, tastes good, is horny, makes you horny. There stands the cock, there is the pussy wet, let’s make dates and lick each other’s armpits. Hair between the teeth, no problem, you accept that and maybe you’re even into it, if the armpit is unshaved. Wet armpits, the sweat runs down, it smells severe, it tastes salty and also bitter at the same time, you press your snout in, like a maniac. The fetish of perversions, how could it be otherwise, gets you sex partners with armpit fetish. The arms up, now it’s heavily sniffing and licking time.

Slaughter Fetish – You Are Fattened And Slaughtered

Slaughter Fetish. It's a mock slaughter, isn't it?

Do you feel like a slaughter animal and want to live among your own kind? The Circus of Perversions has good contacts with farmers who will lock you in the pigsty if you wish. Naked amongst pigs who will bully you. You will eat concentrated food and acorns amongst your shit until the day of your slaughter comes. Your slaughter fetish is in good hands with us, we will lock you up where you belong, in the barn. Since you are obviously not suitable for breeding, you will be fattened and slaughtered. You will end up as bacon and schnitzel on the plate. You have a fetish for slaughter cattle, because you are a slaughter cattle, you are not even livestock. In the pigsty you are fattened, as a pig among pigs, in the dirt, where you belong. Finally you can live out your slaughter fetish properly.

Tattoo Fetish – Sex With People With Paint Under Their Skin

Tattoo Fetish - Tattooed People Fuck.

If you have wet dreams, you dream about tattooed people with whom you have sex. Heavily tattooed men and women, gallons of paint under their skin, colorful images all over the body, your legs go soft. Big dragons on the back, Asian carps on the belly, abstract patterns, so-called tribals, this makes you go crazy with horniness. But also being stung itself, can become a tattoo fetish. Does it make you horny when you are tattooed, would you like to be stung during sex on the genitals, would that be something for you? Do you want to fuck someone you just poke a picture under the skin? The union would approve it too. We talked to them and they say yes to your tattoo fetish, it’s good news. Finding someone without a tattoo is almost hopeless, but you’re certainly looking for freaks with a full bodysuit.

Cuckold Fetish – Watch When He Fucks Your Horny Wife

Cuckold fetish - watching your own wife get fucked.

Are you interested in cuckold fetish because you want to fuck someone else’s wife in front of him? Or are you a cuckold looking for someone to fuck your wife in front of you? Either way we’ll make you happy, we’ll get you what you need. It’s a weird fetish, a cruel fetish, a nasty fetish. You get aroused by a strange man fucking your wife. And it turns you on even more the more violent the hornier she finds it to be fucked that way. It’s fun for her, the bitch, much more fun than with you. You’re just the cuckold but he’s the horny lover who fucks your old lady. How she comes off the horny bitch. You were never allowed to squirt her in the mouth, she begs him to do it. Why does she licks his asshole, she knows that you are standing in the corner.

Clinicsex Fetish – We Push Ourselves With Horniness The Catheter Purely

Clinic sex fetish - Tubes hanging out of anus.

Next please… Take a seat on the gyno chair and put your legs on the trays, contrarily we put a catheter in your hole. Do you like putting on black rubber and indulging in the clinicsex fetish? My god, they shove tubes in your body that don’t belong in there and you think it’s horny? A thick rubber tube in your urethra, it is pushed in dry, that hurts terribly. The enema is more cool, even if it is incredibly much and your belly is already swollen. You breathe through the urine inhaler. All you smell is rancid piss, which makes you horny in the head. The catheter is stuck in your bladder, the other end is pushed through your nose into your stomach, but this circuit is now closed. Everyone around you is wearing similarly latex, this also fires up your clinicsex fetish, you are really horny.

Pubic Hair Fetish – Where The Frog Has The Curls

Pubic hair fetish - frizzy hair under the arms and on the sex.

Dense, curly pubic hair, it turns you on, doesn’t it? You probably like it when it starts at the belly, becomes dense and bushy above the cunt hole and pulls itself up over the asshole to the rump. Labia on which hair grows, thick, frizzy hair, just right for your pubic hair fetish. The circus of perversions gets you sex partners who do not shave the bush. A lush hairstyle is mandatory if you want to play along as a woman in this category, the more conspicuous the better. It does not have to be well-groomed, it may be quietly sticky and stink of cunt, then it is right for the guys who join us. Pubic-hair on the asshole, thick curls that cover the rosette. To lick the asshole, you have to dig through the hair. That’s how you want it, you also like it when the pubic hair smells.

Panties Fetish – It Smells Strictly Of Sweat And Piss.

The panty fetish is a semi-disgusting fetish.

Hmm, delicious, such a worn panty, it smells so good. The smells of sweat, of piss and of discharge. When it starts to stink because the woman is not healthy, it becomes really delicious. A nice vaginal fungus, oh how that smells, you never get enough of it. A scent you never forget, so nice fishy, nasty and mean. A guy with a panty fetish like you appreciates everything that sticks in the panties, it can not be stinky enough. Slime and stains, scents that are not of this world, not even hell smells as bad as some women’s panties. You know this as you tiptoed to the laundry basket at every party so far and sniffed at the hostess’s panties. There were certainly impressive examples amongst them, you have to tell us about it one time. Worn panties, you can get excited about.

Bacteria Fetish – Very Contagious And Extremely Infectious

The bacteria fetish is contagious and infectious.

Did you know that there are other people with bacteria fetish? Truth be told, your fetish is not that rare. You are not quite as screwed up as you always thought, others are as screwed up as you are. The circus of perversions is joined by women who pull their labia apart and rub their pussies on the pissed toilet seats of public toilets. Such women also lick dirty door handles, filthy handrails and filthy urinals. They have a bacteria fetish, they find the possibility of infection very arousing. Where normal people say “fie”, it gets interesting for these bimbos, they are up for herpes, syphilis and other stories. Fecal bacteria turn you on? Do you also lick toilet seats and suck on the ball hanging from the rope that opens hospital doors? Things that can make you sick turn you on? You have a bacteria fetish.

Genital Torture Fetish – Hard Kicks In The Scrotum

Genital Torture Fetish. Kicks in the balls, man.

Oh my, the nasty genital torture fetish… are you serious, you want to do it? Bad, really bad, you should be ashamed of yourself. Should we get you sex partners who abuse your genitals? What would you like? Are you a man who wants to be kicked in the balls by a woman? Do you really enjoy it when her foot bounces against your testicles and a pain drives through your body that is as intense and radiant as God himself. Should she crush your balls with the nutcracker, really squeeze until red veils cloud your field of vision? No problem, we know such women, in the circus of perversions we introduce them to you. If she is already there, she could also prick you with needles in the glans, which hurts like hell, but makes you horny as hell, even the Pope dreams of it.

Mud Fetish – Bottomless Deep Mud Under You

Mud fetish - sex in the mud.

Mud and muck has taken a shine to you. You find it horny to lie down in big puddles and play in the dredging mud. Eroticism, for you that’s nothing that takes place in bed. For this you go into the woods and look for a wallow, which is also used by wild boars. A mud fetish, it splashes so nice to wallow in the dirt. Wanking, you roll in the mud and fiddle with both hands on the sex. Wouldn’t it be hornier to fuck in the mud? In the circus of perversions we will introduce you to sex contacts with whom you can have sex in the mud. Over in the grove, by the old cabin, there’s a mud hole, it’s infinitely deep. When you fuck in it, you lose the ground under your feet, on top of you, under you, everywhere only mud. Your mud fetish, live it out, not alone, but now together with our crazy freaks.